Hanalei Bay, Kauai is a world class tourist destination and marine ecosystem coveted by all those who live, work or play in and around its waters.  Currently at a crossroads, the Bay is struggling to maintain its integrity while forces of nature and man collide to challenge its vital and fragile resources.   Working closely with Reef Guardians Kauai to network, fundraise and develop a four tiered program to help save and restore the marine environment with the help of local government, residents and experts in their field, our mission is focused first on awareness which will lead to action.  The program consists of launching a Heal Hanalei Bay campaign, along with an Ocean Strong call to action.  The main goal is to raise money for the reef cleanup and to fund a Marine Eco Center near the Hanalei River, which would house the Reef Guardians, have mentorship programs by the NOAA, Scripps, the U of Hawaii and a host of other Marine Science based Institutes and individuals. Create a World Surf Reserve to protect the surf break and reef. Stoke Certify the St. Regis Hotel and to align with them in partnership for continued conservation and preservation.  And also to create a Marine Sanctuary to bring sea life back to the waters of the North Shore.